• Experienced Management

    LaBrash Security Services managers and supervisors have extensive experience in the contract security industry having held management positions in both small local security companies and large multi-national security companies.

  • Reliability and Dedication

    LaBrash Security Services selects only qualified and reliable security guards that are dedicated to the protection of our clients property and the safety of their employees, tenants and residents. Having a close working relationship with clients, management and guards guarantees the highest quality service.

  • Client satisfaction

    At LaBrash Security Services we understand the trust clients place in our company. We strive to go above and beyond to exceed the clients expectations. Client satisfaction is our top priority.


LaBrash Security Services specializes in providing well trained, qualified, reliable security guards that are selected to meet the specific requirements of each client. Our guards perform a wide range of duties including access control, building patrols, concierge service and emergency response. We also offer a mobile patrol check service.  These checks are conducted at properties without full-time security guard coverage. Our guard will perform an extensive patrol of the premises to ensure the building is secure and to safeguard against any unauthorized activity.    

Duties are documented in a set of Standing Orders that are prepared by LaBrash Security Services  in consultation with the client representative. Site specific details of access control methods, patrol routes and emergency response instructions are outlined in this procedures manual. Patrols are monitored with the use of an optional electronic watchtour patrol system which produces a report that verifies the time and location of each patrol

Guards are supervised and supported by regular inspections from mobile patrol supervisors. Sites are checked on a frequent basis to ensure the guards are performing their duties and company uniform and appearance standards are being adhered to. All supervisors have in-depth knowledge of the policies and procedures of each site. This allows them to provide assistance and guidance to the guard if required. A select pool of site trained guards is maintained to provide qualified replacements for vacation relief, illness, special events and emergencies.    

LaBrash Security Services managers are closely involved with the day to day operations of each contract. Managers maintain an open line of communication with supervisors. This gives management the ability to respond promptly and effectively to safety and security concerns.
Regularly scheduled meetings and keeping in frequent contact with the client representative allows us to build a strong working relationship with the client. This ensures quality service levels are maintained.